Water cycle

The water cycle is a complex system of cause, effect, and interconnections. 

Water is suspended in the air as vapor. It comes down from the heavens as rain or snow. In extreme cold, it freezes into a solid. When warmed by the sun, it trickles down mountains. Trickles become streams, and streams become rivers, as water washes down into lakes and the oceans. Over time, water evaporates from a liquid back into vapor again, forms into clouds and mists, and comes back to the earth as rain. It is filtered and purified along the way.

Water vapor in the air is all around us, but it’s intangible and can be hard to see. When water freezes into ice, it becomes visible and tangible, but inflexible. When water is in its liquid state, it flows freely and nourishes all life.

Is your situation intangible and hard to see, like vapor? Tangible but rigid, like ice? Or free and flowing, like water? Is there a natural cycle at work here? What might be the next stage, and how can you prepare for it?

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