The celestial orbits give rise to the rhythms of earthly nature: day and night, the phases of the moon, and the seasons. Each season has its own particular character.

Spring is a time for life and new growth; summer is a time of abundance and easy living; fall is a time for harvesting and increasing hardship; winter is a time for death, seclusion and hibernation. Life lies dormant until spring starts the cycle again.

In the spring we plant seeds and nourish their growth. In the abundance of summer we enjoy life, pull weeds and water the plants. In the fall we reap our harvest, and in the winter we make time to reflect and think about what comes next.

Life, work, projects, products and services all have their seasons. They are born, grow, enjoy times of abundance and hardship, die, and are reborn again in new and varied forms.

Some industries, like fashion and book publishing, have rhythms that sync with the seasons. Others have their own cycles of abundance and hardship. The economy cycles in this way as well, from springlike boom times of economic growth, to the autumns and winters of recession/

What are the seasonal cycles in your life and work? What seeds do you plant in the spring? How do you nurture growth in the summer? What harvest do you reap in the fall? How do you reflect and plan during the cold winter months?

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