A prism refracts light, dispersing a single beam into a rainbow of color, revealing the colors of the spectrum. Thus, a prism distorts, it separates, and it also reveals things that are hidden.

To look at something through a prism is to find a viewpoint that helps you see it and understand it in a fundamentally different way.

For example, when you look at events in the past through the prism of memory, you may see things in a fundamentally different way. Perhaps some things are distorted while others are clarified. 

When you adopt a new philosophy or religion, the prism by which you view the world, and understand your place in it, can change dramatically. 

Can you find a prism or perspective that might help you see your situation in a fundamentally new or different way? Can the situation be separated or dispersed to reveal things that are hidden?

See also: Lens, Iceberg, Subduction.


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