A maze is a puzzle, a problem, a confusing, intricate, complicated network of passages, twists and turns, and dead ends. If you can make it through the maze, you might reach your goal, but it’s easy to become lost and bewildered. 

When the Greek hero Theseus entered the maze in search of the Minotaur, he brought a ball of thread with him and unwound it,as he went, so he could follow the thread to find his way out. When Hansel and Gretel went into the woods, they left a breadcrumb trail for the same reason.

If you’re lost in a maze, you can find your way out by keeping your hand on one wall and keeping it there until you get out. It may be a very long path, but it will get you out of the maze. 

You can also navigate a maze if you can get above it somehow. A maze is confusing from the inside, but with a birds-eye view it becomes easier to solve?

Are you facing a lot of complex, contradictory, or puzzling choices? Are you lost in a maze of complexity and confusion? How might you find your way out? Is there a thread you can follow? A breadcrumb trail? A way to get above it or view it from a different angle?

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